Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh..........to live in a bottle............

The Jeannie Bottle..........
If you were a kid in the 70's,did you ever want to live inside or at least see inside Jeannie's bottle??? I did!!
Apart from all her magic and not forgetting Major Nelson,I had a strange obsession for wanting to trade places with her.Not for the isolation or Major Nelson (I was too young), but simply to see the glittering opulence which she lived in and what took place deep down inside the interior of her tiny space.
I couldn't resist all that glitter,velvet,feathers and plushness.
Strange........but great at the time!
Just one blink!!!!!
That mysterious magic bottle!

Oh the velvet.........

I found a green glass bottle when I was about 10 or so and similar to hers.(so I thought)I carefully placed cotton wool down inside to create my own opulent Jeannie home.In my imagination it was exactly the same.

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