Saturday, August 28, 2010

SEPTEMBER tweet talk by Ali.O'Halloran

If only a tracksuit had the same appeal.......
Thank god it's Spring! Warmer days...... bye, bye tracky dacks!
When is living in your track suit pants too,too much??
Yes it's been the coldest winter in years and yes they're extremely comfortable and warm, but so are my doona and passion killer polo fleece pjs...... but I don't hit the streets wearing them! My 9 year old neice wears tracksuit pants purely because the word "strapper" is plastered all over one leg.......but what credibility does a 9 yr old have?
Don't get me wrong......I'd be lying if I said I never wore my trackies in winter and I'd be lying if I said that they're not the first thing I reach for after a long day at work. Peeling off those rotten gut squeezing wool opaque tights and 25 layers of whatever ......
I'd be lying if I didn't wish that I could wear them at the drop of a hat and look like one of those dancers from that fabulous movie "Fame".....but sadly not!
And last but not least......I'd really be lying if I didn't admit to loving the perve of seeing the 'late' JFK Junior running through New York's Central Park. There's just something about a grey marle tracksuit with a "V" sweat mark down the front.**Only JFK Junior could get away with it!
The thing is........ where do you draw the line? MC Hammer thought he rocked in the silky trackies,Madonna needs to seriously move on from the Adidas silkies and as for the 'trackie dack mall rats' that plague shopping centres....well,say no more....

Call me a snob,superficial,vain whatever you want.....I just think that tracksuit pants worn "EVERYDAY" simply scream, "I've given up on life and my name is "Jim-Bob".Get the picture!
The other day I read something funny that stuck in my mind. Bizarrely,it went on to say how so many people seem to confuse the term 'tracksuit'. I'm understanding the 'track' part - it's the 'suit' bit that's weird and obviously confusing for some. It then went on to say, if tracksuit pants could talk they'd probably say,"I don't care anymore, I eat out of cans and I watch Jerry Springer. (by the way......I "love" the J.S show)
I agree with the matter how comfortable they claim to be, there's that inner fashion snob in me that would rather throw on a pair of stomach choking, thigh strangling, crutch burning jeans than trailer park dacks.
I too am not ready to throw in the towel just yet but lucky for my own credibility you can't see what I'm wearing as I type.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inspriational images at Ali.O's tweet talk.......

A bit of colour to brighten up these cold winter days...........

I really love this blue! I lived in a home in Richmond in London years ago that had this exact palette, but back then it seemed too much.

What a fabulous room to get dressed in!!!!!!!!!

The tones of this room are very subtle.The art is perfect.

Helena in Green! Stunning!!!

Charms found at Moss Industry Barwon Heads

Another killer room for dressing.

I came across this photo of myself at my old home in St.Kilda.
I've always loved how the 'red' works so well in this shot.
And that top..........where did it go????
photo: House & Garden Magazine 2001

Yes.....a true fan of this model.
This photo is great because of the props.The lace window detail is my favourite.

Taking the colour jade green to the extreme. A truly fabulous room!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 live in a bottle............

The Jeannie Bottle..........
If you were a kid in the 70's,did you ever want to live inside or at least see inside Jeannie's bottle??? I did!!
Apart from all her magic and not forgetting Major Nelson,I had a strange obsession for wanting to trade places with her.Not for the isolation or Major Nelson (I was too young), but simply to see the glittering opulence which she lived in and what took place deep down inside the interior of her tiny space.
I couldn't resist all that glitter,velvet,feathers and plushness.
Strange........but great at the time!
Just one blink!!!!!
That mysterious magic bottle!

Oh the velvet.........

I found a green glass bottle when I was about 10 or so and similar to hers.(so I thought)I carefully placed cotton wool down inside to create my own opulent Jeannie home.In my imagination it was exactly the same.

Monday, August 2, 2010

ali.o's tweet talk - AUGUST 2010 by alex O'Halloran



by alex o'halloran
Like a great handbag.........we all need a variety of female friends for different occasions.
To me our female friends are essential!!
Do you have on female friend or do you share your friendships around??
Having an assortment of female friends can get you through some of the toughest and the happiest times in your life. As we get older and life becomes more complicated the days of having one best friend are long gone. It was something we did as children..........joined at the hip, wearing identical outfits and so close you were happy to share the same boy crush. Can you see yourself sharing now?!
Imagine dumping all your crap on just one friend! The overload at times would clearly leave you friendless. Expecting one best female friend to take it all on board just isn't right!
Girlfriends to me keep us sane, understand our female complexities when the world doesn't, and sympathize with us when you know your being far too precious.

Here's some of the BFF's list that I thought I'd share:

BFF (Best female friend) - She's the whole package! She's your life long friend who knows you inside out. She's your confidante, like a steel trap, she'd never tell anyone your deepest secrets.Everything and I mean everything is in the VAULT!

BFPF (Best female party friend) - Gotta love her! A trooper! You shared your wildest party days with her.She held back your hair as you puked.She never reminded you how badly you behaved the night before.And after a night of face sucking some guy..........she assured you that the tragic "pash rash" all over your chin wasn't that bad.

BFSF (Best female shopping friend) - They're essential!! Every girl needs a shopping partner in crime.Always on call to do some serious damage to the bank balance.......this friend is just as crazy about clothes as you are. It's the thrill of the find.....the bargain, the unusual. Always happy to put in a good 8 hour workout of trawling every store in site.

BFCF (Best female coffee friend) - No matter how busy she is or what other important commitments she has on that day this friend will drop everything to catch up over a coffee.

BFDQF (Best female drama queen friend) - This friend loves the extreme exaggeration of your latest drama and hers.Soaking up every detail like a sponge, she's all ears, happy to listen and always smiles at you with a reassuring - Absolutely.......I'm hearing you......yep.......I'm on "ya" page!!!

NBFF ("NEW" best female friend) - You've only just met and you instantly "click".There's that inner voice in you saying, "where has this fabulous new friend been hiding these last few years?" Her sense of humour is so similar to you that she could have almost grown up sitting next to you in school!!

Whatever life throws at us and whatever mountain we have to climb, there's nothing like sharing the journey and who better to share it with than your licorice all sorts group of female friends!