Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inspriational images at Ali.O's tweet talk.......

A bit of colour to brighten up these cold winter days...........

I really love this blue! I lived in a home in Richmond in London years ago that had this exact palette, but back then it seemed too much.

What a fabulous room to get dressed in!!!!!!!!!

The tones of this room are very subtle.The art is perfect.

Helena in Green! Stunning!!!

Charms found at Moss Industry Barwon Heads

Another killer room for dressing.

I came across this photo of myself at my old home in St.Kilda.
I've always loved how the 'red' works so well in this shot.
And that top..........where did it go????
photo: House & Garden Magazine 2001

Yes.....a true fan of this model.
This photo is great because of the props.The lace window detail is my favourite.

Taking the colour jade green to the extreme. A truly fabulous room!!!

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