Wednesday, July 7, 2010

JULY TWEET TALK by Alex O'Halloran

"Those annoying little things" Have you ever had one of those days or weeks when things just go wrong?

It was supposed to be a lazy bike ride, followed by a ferry trip, a shopping fix and a weekend get-away to Sorrento.

It turned out to be a flat tyre on the bike, window shopping because I forgot my wallet (never change handbags at the last minute) and reliving memories of dinking on a bike as a teenager - only this time it was with my husband. To top it off, my 6 year old Motorola dinosaur mobile decided to die and go to recycle heaven, losing all my contact numbers. It was one of those days.......

It times like these that we need to sit back and breathe......and breathe......and breathe...........

Here's a few tips on how to cope with the grief:

Rule one:For me a bundy and coke a day keeps the grief away. No........not really, but a good old cold can can often do wonders when you think the world has it in for you.

Rule two:Read a good trash mag........the more crap the better! It's amazing how focusing on someone else's cellulite and fat bum issues can be therapeutic and convincing ourselves that there's a definite overload on photo airbrushing going on can do wonders for our mojo.

Rule Three: Look on the upside.......leaving the wallet at home was a blessing in disguise. Just time you go shopping you can spend twice as much! Unfortunately for me, the clothing store in Sorrento had the sale of all sales, but fortunately for me my husband was cashed up......which leads me onto rule number four.

Rule Four: Always go on a ferry to Sorrento with someone who remembers their wallet!

Rule Five: If your favourite old phone dies, try to forget the grief by going shopping for a new phone! While looking for a mobile phone shop, check out the clothes stores instead - it'll put you in a much better frame of mind for when you do have to make the serious decision of buying that brand new phone to replace your vintage one.

Rule Six: Remember that change can be a good thing (sometimes) and don't wig out (like I did) when your new phone is completely different and you can't work a thing!!

Rule Seven: At the end of the day, read rule number one again and crack a can or whatever takes your fancy, as you sit there at the table, saving all your friends' phone numbers to your new phone........

Rule Eight: Use the new phone to take a photo of the bundy can or your favourite drink as a screensaver just in case you forget rule number one!

And finally......remember that if you do wig out on those 'bad days', tell yourself not to sweat the small stuff!

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