Friday, July 23, 2010


I wanted to share some of these fantastic images that I love and have collected .They're inspirational to my windows at Moss Industry and in and around our store.Sticking them all over my wall at home is a constant creative & visual reminder.
Enjoy!I have a love of feathers
and pretty threads

and pale aqua

This image is amongst one of my collages from home that I've created.I love the colours & the mood is just brilliant!

What room would be a room without cluttered art on your walls

Leene Aavik - A great Noosa Artist.
Her works are all over our walls at home.

You can never ever have enough chairs.
They don't need to be functional or serve a purpose.They're just enjoyable to look at!!

A great store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This print of words sits framed in our lounge at home.
It's how I feel about my husband John.

The ultimate bathroom!

Every home needs a dog!
My mirrored cabinet is covered in photos of my dog I no longer have.

My favourite palette of colours

White space is my idea of the perfect room.
I hope you've enjoyed these?
Let me know your thoughts at:
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