Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alio's Tweet Talk..........June 2010

by Alex O'Halloran

Ever had those weeks when you feel out of sorts, not quite yourself and a little flat for no particular reason? Chances are you've lost your mojo!

The other day on my way to work I turned to my husband and blurted out, " I think I've lost my mojo, seriously......it's abandoned me! And do you think I've got boring?" Always honest and positive he smiled and said, "Of course not!" But to me..........my inner compass no longer seemed to be pointing due north.

What is your "mojo"? For me, it's my vitality, my natural inner high, my inspiration, my drive, oomph and passion. It's my pizzazz, style, punch, feistiness and charm. Call it what you like.....we all lose it from time to time. But hey.......I need it, because my mojo is my magic!!
So where has it gone? Who stole it and when is it coming back? Why am I not firing on all cylinders? Maybe it's the on set of winter, less sunshine, cooler temps, a quieter town? Or is it the need for a break in a hot destination, full of endless shopping or with all the hype of the SATC movie 2 being released, that I'm simply overdue for a girl's night out. Glitter included!
A friend dropped into my store last week for a coffee because she too was feeling NQR! As she went on telling me that she hadn't been herself lately, a bit down, almost in limbo and bored as well..........I was relieved to know someone else's mojo had packed up camp!
If there was a metal detector that could track down "mojo" everyone would buy one. Then again, maybe we could just hire one for a week and then pass it on to a friend. I'm all for sharing in the search for mojo.
Someone said to me the other day, "I think we all lose our mojo from time to time and then something small points us back in the right direction".............It might be as simple as finding a long lost photo at the back of your cupboard. The one that makes you crack up laughing. Those little things in life that make us smile..........and you know what..........sometimes that smile that others see in you, helps them start to find their own mojo.

I guess the best barometer of "mojo" is how many smiles are going on in your life...........So if you have any to spare, share them around. It's infectious!!!

(PS:For anyone reading this that may think this month's column is a little lame, or not my best.................you know why!)

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