Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NOVEMBER - tweet talk by alex o'halloran

'TRAVELLING LIGHT!'- by ali o'halloran

November tweet talk will be brief and sweet......I don't have see, I need to pack!!!!!!!
After a long,cold winter without a break and a working life that lately seems similar to the movie "Groundhog Day", saying I'm desperate for a change of scene and holiday would be an understatement!
I'm hanging out!!!! I have no idea where the past year went but it went and now I can hardly wait to go away. A week in Bali with warm weather and sunshine!!

And so......the packing task begins. As I make a promise to "pack light", certain rogue outfits seem to make their way in to the suitcase. You know...........the hideous ones that you've never worn before and in your sane mind, wouldn't dare be seen in. Suddenly that fuschia pink tube dress seems fabulous because you're travelling to a destination where you're convinced you won't see anyone you know and it's been reserved for that "trip"!!!!........but chances are you will!!!. Read my will!!!
The perfect example of a delusional state of mind is my Mum.Known for her simple classic taste, she's suddenly got the glue gun out making some bizarre holiday outfit with a shell featured on the shoulder! What the??? See what I mean?! Sane, rational people seem to suffer from some sort of fashionista delusion once they pack their passport!! That includes me!

So getting back to the packing - I've never been great at it.....actually I suck! Maybe I should have been a guest on the 'Love Boat' with a million outfits for every occasion - but I never got the gig. However, since meeting my husband John who travels unrealistically light, I've improved, but I still have a long way to go. I'm the kind of girl who packs enough clothes on a 3 day trip that could quite comfortably clothe a whole African country. It's that dilemma of taking too much or just not enough and's about the "just in case outfit".
It all boils down to my hoarder personality. Minimal anything, just isn't in my make-up!

When my girlfriend worked as a host on The Great Outdoors travel show it always amazed me how she managed to pack for so many different countries where temps varied from zero to the Sahara desert!! Unlike me.......I get there with some outrageous outfit that unless I was planning on role playing some character in "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" the sequin halter top just isn't appropriate.
In a nutshell, I'm a crap packer! No amount of planning and consideration make it easy.....give me a bushfire and I will take the family album.......give me a holiday and I'll take the entire wardrobe!!!

And so with admiration for the girls that wear "shorts" proud.....I bit the bullet and purchased my first pair of shorts for a very long time!! Actually 'L.B.S'(Little black shorts). The last memory I have of wearing anything that shouted "shorts" was in 1979 - Daydream Island in the Whitsundays.....a snap shot with family and friends, a fresh hibiscus in my hair and shorts so tiny only a 12 year old could wear.

As I finished packing my bag I included my NEW shorts........the task of packing seemed so much easier and lighter!!
My girlfriend always says that we should wear as many fabulous outfits each day as possible whilst we're young and gorgeous. Wear it with confidence and wear it proud because one day we'll be old and no one will notice.
So like a 'L.B.D' (Little black dress) EVERY girl needs her 'L.B.S - 'Little black shorts'............
Bon Voyage!

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  1. As usual, i love your tweets...only thing, i wish i was packing my l.b.s. and travelling!x