Monday, October 4, 2010

OCTOBER tweet talk by Alex O'Halloran

No matter how good or bad, happy or sad, how forgettable or how much it may make you cringe, we all have a past: buck teeth, braces, horrific permed hair, ugly deb photos and yes, you guessed it.......a dating past!!
That brief encounter..........a date, an ex, a crazy infatuation, a moment, a thing, whatever it ........was you shared with someone, no matter how much the memories fade, your past is out there somewhere!
Without warning, when you least expect it, your past pops up to say, "hello remember me?"
For some of us it's that awkward moment that we dread.
The reason I say this is because the other day my "past" did pop ran smack bang into me...........yes, my singledom past. You know..........that someone from another life time that you deliberately choose to forget, locked away in the vault!
We didn't date; there was definitely no relationship, just a drunken pash simply because I liked his hair!! Yes............tragic I know............but that was my past! With a polite hello, I continued on my way immediately erasing the memory.
Funnily enough over drinks with some girlfriends the other night I told them about the run in with "the past". I went on to ask them " have you ever given or received a "parting gift?" I've always wondered why people feel compelled to buy you something? you know...........a bizarre memento from a person that you had a thing or fling with?
Like a broken water main the conversation went into over drive as my friends fessed up to the weird but also sweet things that someone in their life had given them when 'parting'.
It was the encounter that meant nothing to you but the world to them or vise versa. cruel as it may sound someone's gotta end the "thing"...........sometimes it's you and sometimes it's not!
Here's a list of some of the weird and wondering 'parting gifts' that my girlfriends blurted out;
  • Some people buy designer lingerie or Calvin Klein y-fronts after just one kiss!
  • Some people go in search of a love song.
  • Some people wait at your front door step every night for you just because they think they can
  • Some people post signs on street poles with "I miss you" after just one date.
  • Some people think 50 text messages a day to you is acceptable.
  • Some people send endless bouquets of flowers and never ever get the message.
  • Some people buy a novel when they don't even know your taste.
  • Some people burn their entire cd collection for you.
  • Some people send you a packet of lollies each birthday hoping you'll remember them.
  • Some people go as far as getting your inititals dedicated to their number plate.
    And the list goes on.................

Why is it so I ask? Although that drunken pash so long ago with the man with the nice "hair" might be consigned to the vault, it is part and parcel of the game..........and while we play the game we often end up in some awkward situations which come to revisit us when we least expect it!Remember:" It's not always about the hair!! He's probably bald now!!"

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