Friday, June 15, 2012


TWEEET TALK....too long between stories!
by Alex O'Halloran

When I first moved to Barwon Heads 11 years ago I met Trish Clayton owner/editor/friend of 'Talking Heads'.A friendship that started simply because I loved her RED shoes! Red shoes are my weakness, it's the whole Dorothy/Wizard of Oz thing! And so it went from there.
 With too much spare time up my sleeve, I joined Talking Heads and wrote a funny column about all the weird and wonderful things that were happening in my life & around me.
 Anything from relationship break-up's,recovery,tragic dating moments to the terrible x-monster in-laws! Local girls loved it,some people were shocked by it,some readers canned it but most importantly......I loved writing it.
And most importantly I met my husband John who also wrote for Talking Heads. Thank you Trish!!

With less hours in my life these days to commit to a paper,I moved onto a more casual idea of venting on my TWEET TALK blog.Writing about life as it is now.
No breakup stories or tragic dating moments (thank god) but there's always something spinning through my head.
I took a short break from my blog this year, but now I hope to write the odd tweet talk when something pops into my head thats worthy of sharing.
Watch this space next week for my new column.Something to spice up winter!
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