Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FEBRUARY Tweet Talk by Ali.O

"ATTACK OF THE WAGS........." by Alex O'Halloran

  • WAGS.......Wives and Girlfriends (of celebrities)
  • BOWIE......Botox
  • BFF.....Best Female Friend
  • OMG.....OH My God
  • OTT.....Over the Top
  • Derek Zoolander aka Ben Stiller

Was Derek Zoolander right when he said "Life is easier when you're really,really ridicously good looking? and.....Is there such a thing as beauty bias and does being beautiful have its advantages??

I recently attended the opening night of the fabulous 'BLONDIE' Hairdressing Salon in Geelong.....not a brunette in sight. Everyone including me, had the peroxide going on! Oh, actually, I lie........there was one local brunette beauty, but I promised.......no names.

Like a Logies red carpet, one by one WAG after WAG poured through the doors, air kissing their nearest and dearest. At the time, I was oblivious to their WAG status. As I stared in disbelief and admiration at the perfection, vanity and tall, tall glamorous girls with their gleaming white, white teeth and flawless, wrinkle free faces and of course perfect blonde hair, I suddenly felt like an extra on "Derek's" movie set.

Had I known it to be so OTT I may have taken a BFF simply for beauty bravery or at least someone to whisper to "OMG". Crammed into a night of genetically blessed and the cosmetically enchanced (I think there may have been a bit of Bowie going on!), I almost forgot about my high, high heels that were actually killing me. It was my first initiation into a WAG affair. Did someone mention "Blondie" or was I actually at the Brownlow? It was LA Story revisited minus Steve Martin.

It wasn't until I read the Geelong paper that I realized it was actually a real WAG affair. I simply thought my hairdresser Bec had lots of pretty clients. Clearly, I have been living under a celebrity free rock. The night attracted the press paparazzi and the newspaper featured the usual WAG photos.

Funnily enough......the next day I received a message from one of those WAGS......apologies for leaving without saying goodbye.She said that she had left early having a bad case of fashion faux pas!!

So, no matter whether you're the WAG or the oblivious WAG watcher, clearly, we all have the same issues and as the saying goes........"Everyone's ass always points to the ground".........hmmmmmmmmm.........unless Bowie can do something about that too?!!!

4 Ormond Road East Geelong
p: 52 221 125
***Thanks to Bec my hairdresser who has waved her magic to keep my locks naturally blonde for years now......well almost natural!!!!!
So girls - if you want a fabulous hairdresser that is known for perfecting blonde...... "BLONDIE" is the place!

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