Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SEPTEMBER 'tweet talk' by alex o'halloran


I always swore that I would never compare myself to the younger generation because deep down I still think I fit that slot, but clearly I don't......so as I get older I can't help analyzing "Y gen" as I see more and more teens slothing around.

At first I came to the conclusion that there was something strange running through our water supply on the coast to cause them to move around at such a slow pace. I kept calling them "coastal kids", but after much reflection, I've realized that it's simply a 'Y Gen' thing. It doesn't matter where you are - you'll see the same characteristics everywhere.

As they drag themselves around from point A to B, it's as though they're carrying invisible buckets of heavy water on each shoulder with an expression of doom and gloom. They look like the poor villagers I saw many years ago in the Middle East lugging their crops on their heads - only they were real and they would have been within their rights to complain.

Ask a 'Y Gen' how they are and most times you'll just get a grunt or a shrug of the shoulders but if you're really lucky they'll simply answer, "I'm tired!".........Tired of what I ask?...........Tired of school, tired of texting, tired of eating, tired of talking or just tired of being tired?

Yes......all these things take up too much energy. It's like they've been hit with a stun gun or given a dose of Valium. The only interaction they can manage is one with their ipod and earplugs and a mobile phone glued to their hand.

This weird phenomenon has even made its way into the fashion stakes.Tiredness has affected the way jeans sit on a young guy's hips causing them to fall to a bizarre level below the butt crack. Even their hair lacks the energy to stand up, as it falls down covering their face, with one eye peeking out.

For young girls their uniform of glued ugg boots causes an irritating sound effect as they scuff slowly past. There's no air between their feet and the pavement. Forget "Air Jordan" of the 90's now it's "Ugg Scuff" of the new millennium.

Recently, when catching a late morning train at Southern Cross station I couldn't help noticing the girl next to me sitting slouched, eyes half open, hair clearly not brushed and wearing her pj bottoms!! Was she too tired to even get dressed or perhaps she was dressed and had been "sleeping rough?"

I asked my husband's daughter recently "What's up with you guys, you Y Gens?? The response came back" " Ali.... it's just how it is".

I guess I'm no longer the younger gen.....but can I still say I'm on the cusp???

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